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Ross Lamb takes the first win of the season!

Ross Lamb used to be a former rider for the Mansfield Road Club and he wanted to take his cycling to the next level and it's glad to see all his efforts are paying off by racing for T.Palm - PCW -

Interview of Ross Lamb and Adam Lewis after GP Claudy Sohet - Amay (1.12).

Ross takes the first win of the season for our team ! "With the course being a little bit different it worked out better for me I think than last year, as we took the bell a few riders thought the race was over and one even celebrated but I knew there was still another lap. The bell on the narrow roads through the houses the Sovac guy was just off the front on his own I just rode across to him and then Adam managed to join just as we hit the climb of the circuit, after the hill I had a look around and the gap looked quite good so I attacked, to soften the other rider up so I knew Adam could go over the top and if that didn't work then I knew I was the quickest up the hill to the finish line, Adam almost made it but just as we came to the line I thought he was going to get caught and I'd just managed to keep my gear going that bit longer for the 1-2. My condition has been good since I arrived this year, always made the main break of the races and this was my first real opportunity to take the win. Of course, it's good for the future I know the race in terms of field and distance isn't so big but to win is always the hardest thing to do so hopefully I can keep moving in the right direction and improve throughout the year and into the UCI races"

Adam Lewis (2nd) : "Quite a tough race, I attacked several times in the race but everything was together with 1 lap to go. Me and Ross attacked together with one other with 6 km to go. We got a good gap and we sprinted for the finish with 3. The result is good for the upcoming races, my main goal is Flèche Ardennaise (1.2 - on 6 May) so hopefully the form keeps getting better. Next race for me : Hannut, Monday".

(c) Maxime Segers - DirectVélo.

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