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Club rides are proving to be popular!

Well after a very uncertain year for the club it turns out there's still a place for club rides in our small town Mansfield. We were unsure as to what would happen after our key members resigned and their knowledge of the sport was missing.

But as a successful club for many years we couldn't let the club disappear and their hard work. The existing active members created a new committee and appointed regular meetings.

It's nice to see all the hard work is paying off by making a few changes to the social media pages as discussed at the meetings.

This has involved a new page that gains easy access to messages and notifications grouped under one account. Also, the way the club is run now by being fed club information privately from club members to then be approved by a public page works well.

Some Significant changes are the way we posted our ride information. We now are keeping it clean, neat and straightforward so we have "graded colour events" each colour represents a rider's ability and comes with detailed route information attached via Strava/Garmin.

Check out below some club videos/images of our rides over the previous weeks.

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