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Why Membership?

The Mansfield Road Club is always looking for new members to broaden our horizons. If it's something you're interested in this is the place where we can help you! 

A few things we like to point out before being a paid-up member is every person has the right to a trial period before deciding if it's the right place for them.


We offer a taster session policy so you can attend a ride or two before deciding to become a fully paid-up member.

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Once a member we have loads of benefits for new members, i.e. local discounts/online based offers with other cycling related companies, we also have a friendly bunch of members who will help you become successful in the task you want to achieve, colour graded club rides in an easy to understand presented platform.

The best thing of all is the own custom kit we work closely with our supplier for with purchasing seasons, so you always have the right gear for the right weather. There's nothing like turning up to a club ride in club colours if any of this is what you're looking for you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Strava or website.

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Thankyou for considering membership with our cycling club. If you would like further information please contact us via email using the secure form below.

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