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Everyone who entered the big red ride last year will know not to hold back on entering this year after the spectacle what took place last year, after all, it’s one of the best rides in Nottinghamshire for everyone of all abilities. For the new people who want to enter this event you may be wondering what it’s all about this event isn’t a race, sportive, charity ride, time trial or club run it’s always informed under a reliability trial this type of event has always featured in club cycling for over 100 years.

Riders will set off in groups at timed intervals and ride with people of all abilities. The aim of cycling a reliability trial is for each entrant to travel over a pre-set course within the agreed time set, the route planned is suitable for all-around riding ability it’s nothing to do with being the fastest. If you’re a rider who isn’t good with directions and need every junction marshaled, or unsure how maps work, find reading simple instructions confusing, can’t time your ride, this is not the type of event for you.

If you’re interested in entering the big red ride 2017, you can pay online (small surcharge fee) or enter on the day for £5.00. This event is suitable for individual riders, clubs or teams and we accept any bike and ability once paid there will be a further information pack with the route and other information inside. The headquarters is the John Fretwell Centre on the 05/03/2017 and first rider off at 9:00 am (5th March 2017), and the location is…

(Sookholme Rd, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG19 8LL)

there is also safe parking, changing rooms/toilets and catering/refreshments on the day.

John Fretwell Sporting Complex

Big Red Ride Or Small Red Ride 2017?

as a local club and knowing every cyclist is different who joins our club this year we’ve taken on a little twist to the big red ride and designed another route to bring the ride to a wider audience. To suit more cyclists getting into road cycling and don’t feel like they could achieve a whole 65miles of the big red ride. So we wanted to make a shorter version, and it’s called the small red ride, and it’s approximately 50 miles ( 80km) instead of the full big red ride that’s approx 65miles (100km).



We’ve chosen a suitable headquarters that supports secure and more than capable parking for our event the headquarters also provides toilets,changing room facilities and a riders briefing area.

Regular Updates

we keep all our entrants up to date with any changes to our event, through newsletters once signed up to the event.

Easy Sign On

we try and provide a easy sign on so we have two seperate stalls in the headquarters one for people who pay online and people who pay on the day.

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interested in our event? or still not sure just pop us a question on our facebook page

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British Bike Hire

We’re proud to announce for the second year running the British bike hire team will be at our event, servicing and sorting out any last minute mechanical issues at the event if you’re interested in any of the above or just want more information. You can find them at the entrance of the event or check out their web page by clicking the button below.

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